Box of Hope with Longmont Yarn Shoppe 2019
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Welcome to the Box of Hope with Longmont Yarn Shoppe 2019!

What is a Box of HOPE?

The Box of Hope is all about using your love of craft to bring hope to the world.

Instead of daily goodies like the 31 Days of Hygge, you will have 2 fantastic knitting projects to work on in late November & December at whatever pace feels best for you.

The yarns for both projects are sourced from Handspun Hope. Know that your support of this organization has a direct positive impact on your world and theirs.  Supporting Handspun Hope provides both a living wage and hope for the artisans who are a part of this organization.  We can't think of a better way to celebrate Hope at the end of 2019 than to support this organization with our LYS community.  

In fact a portion of your purchase will go directly to Handspun Hope to help them with their mission.   The donation from the Longmont Yarn Shoppe participants is enough to provide health care for 1 month for 30 women and their children, or purchase 10 tanks of fuel for dyeing wool, or 2 1/2 months of running water.  Our donation will make a difference!

Open your box as soon as you get it.  You'll find a pattern for a lovely shawl designed by one of our favorite designers, Isabell Kraemer – perfect for gifting or keeping, you decide.  Isabell has agreed to join us via an online meeting on Monday December 2 at 6 pm.   Imagine, a KAL with a Isabell Kraemer meetup in December. What could be better?

Diana Wiley, the founder of Handspun Hope will also join us Monday December 9th and we will learn first-hand about Handspun Hope, the organization she founded, and the work that they do. 

In addition to the 2 projects, patterns and Handspun Hope Yarn the Box of Hope includes 2 gatherings at LYS where we can gather in community and sharing, along other goodies we believe will support your enjoyment of the process. 

The Box of Hope is limited to 12 participants.  We look forward to an intimate gathering with others. 

Pick Up or Get it Shipped

Your box will be shipped or ready for pick up on Thursday, November 21. Let us know when you register if you need your box shipped. Shipping is an additional 12.00.

Got Questions? 

Check out the FAQS below- we may already have the answer!

The Handspun Hope initiative envisions entire communities freed from poverty.

Knitwear designer Isabell Kraemer will join us during one of our 2 gatherings from Germany. 

Get Your Box of Hope Now

Box of Hope FAQ

Will I get a new box every day in December?

You get one box that you are invited to open immediately, and cast on the project of your choosing, not a new box each day.

Is this like a Mystery KAL?

Actually, you will have 2 patterns and project yarn from the get-go.  One pattern is designed by Isabell Kraemer, who will be joining us during one of 2 gatherings for the Box of Hope.   The 2nd pattern is designed by LYS.

I’m a Beginner. Can I do this?

Yes- if you can knit and purl, and read a pattern you can do this.  There will be some new stitches perhaps, but we are here to help

When can I order my Box of Hope?

The Box of Hope is available now to pre-order.  We are limited to only 12 participants.  Order your box to assure you can get one before they run out! 

What if I can’t pick up my Box of Hope?

Let us know and we can make arrangements to ship it to you after November 21st.  Shipping will be 12.00

I’m so excited to do this!! How do I get my Box of Hope?

You can order online, call with a credit card, or in person in the shop by end of day November 6, or until supplies run out!

What are the dates of the gatherings?

We have 2 Box if Hope gatherings scheduled for December

~Mon, December 2 - 6 pm with Isabell Kraemer
~Mon, December 9 - 6 pm with Diana Wiley

We will serve soup & salad and encourage participants to bring their handwork!  What a great way to start the week!!

I crochet, can I still participate?

Of course.  We can help you substitute the 2 knitting patterns for appropriate crochet projects.  We welcome you!

What question did we miss? Give us a ring or pop by, and we can answer it!!