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454 Main St., Longmont, CO 80501

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Monday - CLOSED
Tuesday - Thursday 10- 5 pm
Friday 10 - 6 pm
Saturday 10 - 5 
Sunday 12- 4 pm
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Proof of vaccination No Longer Required for in person classes & private lessons

For in person classes we are making a change & no longer requiring proof of vaccination status to participate in a class or private lesson. 
For the safety of everyone we ask our customers/students, staff and teachers to stay home if sick. 

Anyone who wishes is encouraged to wear a mask if that makes being in the shop more comfortable.  For those not comfortable in a class/group setting private lessons are always available. 

Private Lessons

Our private lessons are ideal if you prefer to work one-on-one, have a hectic schedule or need a refresher. If you have a specific project you'd like some extra help with, come see us.

Private Lesson Rates
$35.00 for 45 minutes
$40.00 for a full hour

Call 303-678-8242
or stop by soon to schedule your lesson.


A note about Class, CLUB, CAL, & KAL materials. We require student to purchase their yarn for all classes, Crochet-alongs, Knit-alongs & Clubs at Longmont Yarn ShoppeThere are 2 main reasons for this:

  1.   We recommend yarn we know you will have success with. Learning a new skill is much more rewarding using the proper tools and resources. When students use materials other than what is suggested we can't assure your success.
  2.   Frankly, we exist only with your support. We need our community to shop with us so we can be here for the long haul. We bring in additional inventory to support classes, in anticipation of student purchases.


Hear what Anne had to say about her class

"Three friends and I arranged for our own personal felted clog class with Kris at Longmont Yarn Shoppe. It was great for many reasons! First, we were able to get so much personal attention. Kris is a knowledgeable, patient and fun teacher. We are all very pleased with our clogs, and will certainly be scheduling another class—I think socks are next!"

Weaving Classes

Rigid Heddle 1 (in person)
- Apr 06, 2023 10:30 am

This class will introduce you to the power of the rigid heddle loom! We will cover weaving terminology, how to set up the loom and of course how to weave. During class we will create a variety of fabrics and textures using plain weave and pick up stick patterns. By the end of the class you will be able to warp and weave on the rigid heddle loom on your own. This class is perfect for anyone who has been wanting to learn how to weave but has not been sure where to start!

Cost: $ 180.00
Intro to Tapestry Weavng (in person)
- Apr 16, 2023 11:00 am

Come and try your hand at tapestry weaving! In this one day class students will learn how to thread a small tapestry loom and how to weave using a variety of fiber weights and textures to get one cohesive piece. Class will cover traditional tapestry and finger control techniques, all geared towards the final outcome of small wall hangings. Come ready to experiment and get the creative juices flowing!

Cost: $ 72.00
Inkle Weaving is a fun way to learn about weaving without the investment of expensive equipment to start out. An Inkle loom is a portable belt loom that can be warped up in an afternoon and woven in 3-4 hours. Inkle bands can be used to make belts, straps, bookmarks, ornaments and more. You will learn to warp your loom and read patterns so you can re-warp a loom on your own. Students may bring your own loom or rent a loom from the instructor.

Cost: $ 110.00
Often the hardest part of weaving is knowing what fibers to choose, what colors to mix, what weave structure is best for your project and how best to finish a piece. In this class students will learn all about how to match heddle/reed sizes to yarn weights as well as how to adjust sett based on weave structure. Learn more about what yarns are best suited for the warp and weft as well as how to blend yarns of different weights and materials to create one cohesive piece. In class Sara will show lots of samples and share ideas on how to get color combinations that will pop. A portion of class will be dedicated to reviewing warp and weft calculation questions and advice on specific projects are encouraged. This class is intended to help rigid heddle, table loom or floor loom weavers of any level continue their mastery of weaving.

Cost: $ 60.00


Introduction to Lace Knitting with Kate Atherley at Fiber Friday via ZOOM!

Get ready to explore the world of lace knitting with expert instructor, Kate Atherley! We are thrilled to have her lead a three-part series which will give you everything from the fundamentals and hidden secrets that elevate it into an art form. Whether you are a lace novice, or just getting started with it and want to build your skills and confidence, you'll find step by step instructions tailored just for you - plus lots of inspiring support along the way. Discover how fun and rewarding this classic craft can be as we uncover why knitters love creating intricate patterns with beautiful results. Starting with the basics - How Lace Works, and moving to more skills, and important techniques like preventing and dealing with mistakes, at the end, everyone will be ready to tackle all sorts of lace projects! We?ll end the class with your first scarf or shawl project well underway.

Crochet 101-Learn to Crochet in Classroom

Ready to get in on the hottest thing in fiber arts! Learn to crochet! At this 3 session class you will learn to make a chain, single crochet, double crochet and half double crochet.. You can choose to make a pair of fingerless mitts or a scarf. Your class fee includes a complementary LYS Manifesto bag to carry your pattern and projects in!

Sweater Design Workshop with Ann Budd via ZOOM!

This is a class on designing your own sweater from scratch. The construction will follow the Modified Drop-Shoulder Sweaters in The Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns. The book is not necessary, but you may find a copy to be helpful. The advantage to designing your own sweater is that you're not limited by the yarn, gauge, or size given in a pattern. For this, which may be the first sweater you design on your own, we'll follow modified drop-shoulder construction worked from the bottom up, which is easiest for new designers once you've determined your stitch pattern for the body, the armholes and neck are easily shaped with decreases and the sleeve caps require no shaping.

Apr 1
St Vrain Community Montessori School Day - Fundraiser
Apr 4
Community Handwork - Tuesday afternoons
Apr 5
Casual Crochet 1st Wed of each month