Cozy Up With LYS 31 Days of Hygge
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Hello friends!

Last year we picked the theme of Hygge for our Cozy Up Yarn Club that kicked off in January and it definitely resonated with folks! Everyone agreed that taking time to practice the Hygge Lifestyle was extremely valuable and fun!!

This year we want to create another Hygge experience for our tribe and have chosen the month of December to kick this off. Why December? What better way to wrap up the year!?

 Join us as we count down 2018 with a daily moment created just for you to celebrate the end of 2018. You can begin or continue to practice the Hygge (AKA Cozy) lifestyle in the month of the year that we often find ourselves doing more for others than we do for ourselves.

Our Hygge Countdown Box includes:

~~31 individually wrapped packages to open each day in December
~~A cowl pattern
~~5 Mini Skeins of yarn
~~Fun surprises that help you count down to the New Year!

You’ll love the tools, tips and resources gathered just for you, to assist and guide you in practicing a Hygge lifestyle in this last month of the 2018. 

Think how great it would feel stepping into 2019 having taken time for sincere relationship with yourself, those you love and choose to be with, while doing things and creating practices that help you create or strengthen your Cozy lifestyle.

Won’t you join us as we count down to the New Year with cozy practices, luxurious yarns and some relaxing and meditative knitting?

Don't wait!!  We need you to pre-order by November 2nd!   Click on the link below to join in!


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31 Days of Hygge FAQ


Will I get a new box every day in December?

No, you will pick up one box that contains 31 individually wrapped gifts on or after November 27th. Each day you will have the opportunity to choose when to open up and enjoy your individually wrapped Surprise. Perhaps it will be the way you start your day. Perhaps it will be the way you wind down after work. Maybe you and a friend far away will open it at the same and connect in that special way, with your own little Knit A Long? Whether it be over a cup of tea or coffee in the morning, or in the evening as you wrap up the day, we know you will enjoy this opportunity to make time for YOU, at this most wonderful time of the year.   You choose how to use your Hygge Box.

Is this like a Mystery KAL?

No, you will have a pattern from the get-go.  Your 31 Gifts will include 5 Mini Skeins and other goodies to make you smile…..and support your Hygge Life. 

I’m a Beginner. Can I do this?

 Yes- if you can knit and purl, you can do this.

Why do we have to Pre-Order by Friday November 2nd?

 We need time to assemble the boxes to make sure everything is ready for you when you pick up November 27th!

 What if I can’t pick up my Hygge Box?

 Let us know and we can make arrangements to ship it to you in time for December 1st!

 I’m so excited to do this!! How do I get my Hygge Box?

 You can order online, call with a credit card, or in person in the shop by end of day November 2, or until supplies run out!

What question did we miss? Give us a ring or pop by, and we can answer it!!