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SOLD OUT for 2023~  Welcome to 31 Days of Hygge with Longmont Yarn Shoppe 2023!

Welcome to HYGGE BOX 2023!!   

Get ready to embrace the Hygge lifestyle and make the most of the last month of 2023 with our Hygge Countdown Box!

Unwrap a daily surprise throughout December as we create moments of coziness just for you. Choose between our knitting or crochet box, and new this year you get to choose from either a cozy wrap, or if you'd rather, something cozy for your hands and feet (for knitters) and something cozy for neck and hands (for crocheters)!

Experience the joy of squishy yarn and delightful surprises as you countdown to the New Year. These resources and tools are designed to help you cultivate a Hygge lifestyle and prioritize a sincere connection with yourself and loved ones. Don't miss out - join us on this cozy journey and order your Hygge Box now before they're gone!

Our Hygge Countdown Box includes:

  • 31 individually wrapped packages to open each day in December
  • Your choice of a knitting box or a crochet box, and new this year, your choice of a wrap or something for hands and feet for Knitters, and a choice of a wrap or something for hands and neck for Crocheters to make a custom cozy December. 
  • Squishy and abundant bundles of fiber enjoyment that we know you'll love.
  • Fun surprises that help you count down to the New Year!

You’ll love the tools, tips and resources gathered just for you, to assist and guide you in practicing a Hygge lifestyle in this last month of 2023. 

Think how great it would feel stepping into 2024 (can you believe! 2024?) having taken time for sincere relationship with yourself, those you love and choose to be with, while doing things and creating practices that help you create or strengthen your Cozy lifestyle.

In 2018 we had an enthusiastic response to the Hygge Boxes and sold out!  In 2019 we added more boxes, and SOLD OUT AGAIN!  In 2020 we shared the Hygge experience with a record number of participants (170) who had heard about the Hygge Box and wanted to enjoy the experience! In 2021 and 2022 - and yes, we sold out again! Already we've had calls asking about  "when can we sign up?" Each year we add more boxes and each year we sell out!  And we expect to sell out again!

Won’t you join us as we count down to the New Year with cozy practices, luxurious yarns and some relaxing and meditative handwork? Don't wait! Get your Hygge Box order placed before it's too late! 

Hygge Box Building

Delivering Hygge Boxes

2021 Hygge Box Goodies

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Photo by Stella Rose on Unsplash

31 Days of Hygge FAQ

Will I get a new box every day in December?

No, you will pick up one box that contains 31 individually wrapped gifts on or after November 19th. Each day you will have the opportunity to choose when to open up and enjoy your individually wrapped Surprise. Perhaps it will be the way you start your day. Perhaps it will be the way you wind down after work. Maybe you and a friend far away will open it at the same and connect in that special way, with your own little Knit A Long or Crochet A Long? Whether it be over a cup of tea or coffee in the morning, or in the evening as you wrap up the day, we know you will enjoy this opportunity to make time for YOU, at this most wonderful time of the year.   You choose how to use your Hygge Box.

Is this like a Mystery KAL?

No, you will have a pattern or patterns depending on your selected box from the get-go.  Your 31 Gifts will include yarn and other goodies to make you smile…..and support your Hygge Life. 

I’m a Beginner. Can I do this?

Yes- if you can knit and purl, and read a pattern you can do this.  There will be some new stitches perhaps, but we are here to help.

How soon do I need to order my box?

Last year we ran out of boxes, and were sad to turn away folks who could really use a Hygge Box.  This year we have ordered more boxes, but we don't want you to miss out!  Order your box early to avoid disappointment!  

What if I can’t pick up my Hygge Box?

Choose the shipped option and we'll pop it in the mail with plenty of time for you to get it before December 1st! 

I’m so excited to do this!! How do I get my Hygge Box?

You can order online, call with a credit card, or in person in the shop by end of day October 31st, or until supplies run out!

What question did we miss? Give us a ring or pop by, and we can answer it!!

In 2018 & 2019 we went to Sandstone Ranch and Drummed up the Sun on December 21st, Solstice. We repeated the adventure in 2021 & 2022! This is of course optional, and we plan to do it again!

Customer Testimonials from the 2022 Hygge Box:

Hi Hygge Yarn Folks,

Thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful box of goodies. It really makes my holiday time feel a lot better to have that little bit of me time each day. The best part for me was turning the notebook into a daily sketchbook/journaling time. I would sketch the gift of the day and write a bit about it while listening to the song, which I would document on the page as well. Then I would finish the page off with something I was grateful for. I enjoyed this process so much that on January 1st I started a new book and am continuing the daily sketch/writing/grateful routine.  

You also inspired me to make up 30 envelopes to send with my daughter when she leaves next week on a semester abroad. She’ll have one to open each day that has a colorful card with a heart drawing and a little fun task/challenge to help her get through the homesickness in the first month.  

 And I really enjoy the songs. I’m not much of a music person so it is fun to be exposed to a lot of new music that I wouldn’t ever find myself. I have continued to listen to last year’s music, especially Väsen.  

 As far as things to make it better… hmm… that’s hard. The only thing I can come up with is to add another page to the journal because last year and this year the book was one page short of having 31 and I had to cram the last two days onto one page. 😊 

 Thank you, thank you, thank you. You run a beautiful, creative, inclusive, warm fuzzy shop and I appreciate you! Excellent job! 


Kiki C. 

The joy the Hygge box made me feel each day is the reason JOY is my word for 2023!  It reminded me that I haven’t been purposely looking at the joy in everyday things.  

The yarn and socks were so soft and squishy that I think everyone will say it was their favorite. My second favorite was learning about the tradition of putting out the birdseed. It warmed my heart to be able to include the birds as part of Christmas and watching them enjoy their special “find”.    

And I was so excited to get the cup cozy pattern!  I’ve been wanting to make a few and this will help me do that. The snowflake stitch marker was so fun to use during the month. And I use my mug almost daily. The lotion bar has already been used and is in my purse. The manifest has been added to my “happy” board so it’s always front and center.   

I truly can’t think of anything that would have made it better!!  You blew me away with the thoughtfulness and sustainability you put into this box. My husband also enjoyed seeing what was in each bag, so we spent time together each morning as I opened the bag. ❤️ 

Cindy K,

Hello and Happy New Year everyone! 

I have two favorite parts of the Hygge Box 2023, the yarn and knitted pattern and the gluten-free treats. I haven't yet finished the shawl, but I'm getting close. My goodness, but the rows are getting so long. The treats were absolutely yummy! 

The only thing that might have made it better would be a few more positive quotes or suggestions on tiny strips of paper in more of the envelopes. Might help to get your head in the right, grateful space before you devour the caramels for example. :-) 

All in all it was wonderful. Thank you! 

Gloria C.