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Ravelry 101 via Zoom!
- Apr 29, 2021 04:00 pm

Learn how to navigate and use Ravelry like a pro! Ravelry is a place for knitters, crocheters, designers, spinners, weavers and dyers to keep track of yarn, tools, project and pattern information and look to others for ideas and inspiration. If you are not using Ravelry you are missing out!!

Cost: $ 15.00
Crochet Slippers That Fit via Zoom!
- Apr 24, 2021 11:30 am

There are a lot of different slipper patterns out there, but what if you don?t like the yarn they used or have a favorite yarn in your stash that you know would make the perfect slippers? In this class you will learn how to modify a simple crochet slipper pattern to use it with any size of yarn and get slippers that will fit every time. We recommend you take the Crochet Slippers 101 class prior to this class but it is not necessary. If you decide not to take the 101 class, please purchase the pattern and work through a pair prior to taking this class.

Cost: $ 30.00
Bamboo-Along KAL via ZOOM
- Apr 17, 2021 02:00 pm

Join us at the Longmont Yarn Shoppe for a really special event - Bamboo-Along! This four-part knit along, hosted by bamboo yarn designer Jennifer Miller of Theodora's Pearls, will feature your choice of four patterns designed for Auxanometer, bamboo fingering. Two patterns are simple & elegant, perfect for confident beginners or those wanting a simple project! And two patterns are great for enhancing your skills, working with colors, & creating beautiful, unique shawls!

Cost: $ 30.00
In this six-lesson, eight-week online class, you'll learn how to use the charted instructions in The Knitter's Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters to knit yourself a set-in sleeve sweater with help from Ann Budd every step of the way. You'll choose between a pullover and cardigan, and between crewneck and V-neck shaping. You?ll also choose the weight of yarn (from fingering to bulky) and the finished size (from 26" to 54" bust/chest circumference). Everyone will follow the same basic instructions, though it's quite possible that no two students will use the same size, gauge, or stitch pattern.

Cost: $ 180.00
Brioche stitch is a beautiful, ancient knitting stitch with loads of variation. With this technique, alternate stitches are slipped every other row, creating a very soft, stretchy, thick, fluffy fabric. Classic brioche stitch is reversible, with a lovely right side and wrong side. It can be done in 1 color, 2 colors, or 3 or more colors, and has loads of variations and creative possibilities!

Cost: $ 30.00
Join Cheryl for this Perfect Second Knitting Project Class held at The Longmont Yarn Shoppe. These simple projects take your beginning knitting to the next level. If you know how to cast on and knit you're ready to make a garment! You'll learn: Purl stitch, ribbing, increases and decreases, seaming, circular knitting, appropriate to the pattern chosen.

Cost: $ 40.00
Waiting for Rain is a lovely, beautiful garter and lace crescent shawl that uses shirt row lace technique. Join us as we work through the pattern together.

Cost: $ 22.50
In this 4-lesson online class, you'll learn the basics of top-down sock construction as explained in Getting Started Knitting Socks and how to use foot measurements and knitting gauge to knit a perfect pair of socks, no matter the foot size or yarn gauge. Beginning with a flexible cast-on at the top of the leg, through a flap-and-gusset heel, and ending with Kitchener stitch at the toe, Ann will demonstrate every step necessary to make a pair of socks for any size from child to large adult.

Cost: $ 80.00
Blocking: it?s a critical step in the finishing process for hand knits, and is all too often ignored or skipped. It's incredibly easy, and the value it provides is immense, taking an item from complete to truly, beautifully finished. This session will demystify the process, breaking it down by both fiber and project type. Along the way, we'll also talk about fiber care: safely and easily washing handknits - when you can use the machine and when you should handwash (or not wash at all). We'll also talk about moth prevention, and safe yarn and garment storage.

Cost: $ 40.00
Nightshift KAL with Bryce VIA ZOOM
- Apr 28, 2021 05:00 pm

Join Bryce for the Nightshift KAL. The shawl was designed by Andrea Mowry. This easy to knit shawl will be done in Noro Geishi, a medium weight, long color change yarn simplifies the Nightshift pattern. This pattern is worked flat on circular needles with the Mosiac colorwork technique featuring an I-cord finish.

Cost: $ 20.00
Mystified by all these terms - double knitting, worsted, aran? Unsure whether fingering is a potato or a yarn? Wondering why you should care about whether a yarn is superwash or not? How do you go about finding a substitute yarn for a pattern, especially if you're shopping online? Suitable for newer to intermediate knitters, this class will explain yarn terminology, and build your knowledge of types of yarns and fibers. We will dive deep into the topic of yarn weights and gauge, giving you foolproof and easy ways to check and get gauge for a pattern ? along the way explaining why it matters, when it doesn?t, and what to do if you can?t get it. We?ll also talk about yarn and fiber types, with a deep dive on matching project to yarn for best result.

Cost: $ 40.00
Join Theresa for the fun Malabrigo Temperance Shawl KAL. There will be 2- 90 minute sessions and 1- 60 minute show and tell session. The Temperance Shawl is made with Malabrigo sock yarn and we have special kit combos to choose from- and Malabrigo has some give-a-ways during the KAL, and will be selecting winners from those registered on their website. The KAL is complimentary with LYS if you purchase a kit with us! When you register and pay for your seat in the KAL you will get a 20.00 gift certificate to be used online or in store.

Cost: $ 20.00
Sweater patterns contain all of the information you need to complete your project and yet no pattern can tell you all of the tiny little things an experienced knitter will do in the course of knitting a sweater, everything from how loosely to cast on, to how to keep track of your lengths, to exactly how to how to bury your yarn tails. Join designer and instructor Sarah Solomon for this sweater-knitting companion class featuring her top-down yoke cardigan pattern, Wild Almond, and learn to get the most out this (or any) sweater pattern. The aim of this class is to demonstrate all of the techniques used in the pattern as well as to answer some of the more over-arching questions in sweater knitting concerning sizing, ease and customization.

Cost: $ 120.00
Too often knitting comes to a screeching halt (usually late at night) when we find mistakes that we?re unable to correct. In this class, Ann will demonstrate fixing common mistakes, including stitch mount, ripping out, picking up single and a series of dropped stitches (including edge stitches), and reversing the direction of a cable or correcting a mistake in a lace pattern several rows below the needles.

Cost: $ 20.00
Are you intimidated by the Kitchener stitch? Meet it head on with Ann Budd and overcome your fears of this too-often dreaded stitch, whether it?s used on stockinette stitch, reverse stockinette stitch, garter stitch, ribbing, or even the tubular bind-off. In this one-hour seminar, Ann will demystify the mechanics of this excellent finishing stitch and present a simple way to remember the sequence of steps that produce a perfect finish for toes of socks, tips of mittens, hems of hats and sweaters, and a ?seamless? way to join two sets of live stitches.

Cost: $ 20.00
What do you do when you absolutely cannot match the gauge specified in a pattern? In this one-hour online class, Ann Budd will guide you through adjusting a pattern to work for "your" gauge. Sometimes this means adjusting the numbers in the pattern and sometimes it means simply following the instructions for a different size. It?s all a matter of simple math and ratios that Ann will demystify.

Cost: $ 20.00
Learn how a steek can be added to a simple stranded two-color pattern that?s knitted in the round. Ann will show you how to stabilize the stitches with slipstitch crochet (no sewing machine!), cut open the tube, and secure the cut edges so that button bands (or a zipper) can be added.

Cost: $ 20.00
Come learn all about punch Needle Rug Hooking with a 2 part class. You will make an 8 inch flower piece from start to finish. It can be a trivet, fiber art or later sewn to a tote bag or basket. There are 2 different colorways to choose from. You will have access to a class gripper strip frame and punch needle that you can take home with you between classes. In this class we will go over every step of the art of punch needle rug hooking. We will learn about getting Monk's cloth on the frame, all the way to the finishing steps. We will learn design tips for future projects and more!

Cost: $ 40.00
Come learn all about Punch Needle Rug Hooking while making a framed 5 X 7 Cheerful art piece. You only need the kit and an Oxford Needle - both available at LYS.

Cost: $ 20.00
Often the hardest part of weaving is knowing what fibers to choose, what colors to mix, what weave structure is best for your project and how best to finish a piece. In this class students will learn all about how to match heddle/reed sizes to yarn weights as well as how to adjust sett based on weave structure. Learn more about what yarns are best suited for the warp and weft as well as how to blend yarns of different weights and materials to create one cohesive piece.

Cost: $ 40.00
In this class students will weave tapestries using plain and soumak techniques lead by instructor David Johnson of Arachne Weaving. Class fee includes loom, warp and weft yarns.

Cost: $ 225.00
Often the hardest part of weaving is knowing what fibers to choose, what colors to mix, what weave structure is best for your project and how best to finish a piece. In this class students will learn all about how to match heddle/reed sizes to yarn weights as well as how to adjust sett based on weave structure. Learn more about what yarns are best suited for the warp and weft as well as how to blend yarns of different weights and materials to create one cohesive piece.

Cost: $ 40.00