Handwoven Magazine May/June 2023
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Handwoven Magazine May/June 2023

Weavers have long been intrigued by the magical designs created by carefully placing dark and light colors in both warp and weft. Whether it’s traditional log cabin or more complex color-and-weave designs, including shadow weave and twills, the motifs and patterns that develop in the cloth are inspiring and delightful. Put any one of this issue’s 11 beautiful color-and-weave projects on your loom to learn the basics of this unique weaving approach. You may find yourself developing your own designs and magic as you play with the colors and values.

This is a technique-strong issue with three articles about design and one about weaving rugs using deflected doubleweave, a structure not well-known for rugs. Tom Knisely talks about the usefulness of marking your work for future generations and the method he learned for adding initials and dates to weaving projects. The “Yarn Lab” details a special yarn made from recycled plastic bottles and old jeans, and “What’s Happening” describes a not -to-be missed exhibit about Navajo weaving. From “Endnotes” you’ll learn about a unique way of weaving temperature blankets, one that you may want to try!