Pre-Made Rainbow by Fibres of Life
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Pre-Made Rainbow by Fibres of Life

This pre-made rainbow is bright and cheerful, and will bring lots of color into any decor!  A perfect decoration for nurseries, classrooms, or for anyone who just loves rainbows!

Rainbow measures approximately 9 inches from the top of the rainbow to the bottom of the dangling clouds, approximately 8 inches wide, and features a string to hang the rainbow from.

Annually, Fibres of Life takes steps to continually integrate their social and environmental values into how they operate our business. This is reflected in:
  • Their production – such as their designs that focus on adaptability to create longevity. Or choices they are making to move to water based silkscreen inks. Selecting natural alternatives such as their coconut shell buttons used on their pin on’s, only natural tanning and mustard oil treatment of the leather they use, and work to reduce and eliminate use of any cotton in their products that is not organic (Nepal has difficulty accessing organic cotton and fair trade groups are working with EU partners to develop an organic supply in the country)
  • Transport – they are working towards more sustainable forms of transport for their goods to North America, and within.
  • Human Resource Policies – they create values based jobs and commit significantly to training, learning opportunities and mentorship in fair trade, community development and development of sustainable business practices. They work hard to provide respectable wages to their staff.
  • Support of Community Initiatives – Based on their mandate, while they aim to direct most of their donations overseas, they occasionally donate to and support local community projects.
  • Building capacity – They are discussing with the fair trade associations and Bachpan Bachao Andolan (the coalition fighting child labour in India that they support) how they can contribute to capacity building.